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Pink Flower

I first sketched out this project 4 years ago – but it has taken a lot of time to finally finish. Basically it is a series of 5 thin sycamore platters/bowls starting with a diameter of about 36cm down to about 12 cm. They nest inside each other. Each bowl was divided into five spiralling petals, drawn out and pierced with a flower petal design. An ebonised beaded disc fills the base of the top ring of petals into which sits an ebonised finial (to allow the piece to be lifted without putting strain on the petals).

24 wire and glass bead ‘stamens’ surround the finial.

The petals have been air-brushed with white acrylic and the edges air-brushed magenta (and yes, I did copy the colouring of a real flower!) The centres of many of the pierced flower patterns are enhanced with a small crystal jewel in a variety of pinks and purples.

As you might imagine, this piece has many hours of work in it (probably over 50 hours). I made it for me!