Hopefully Helpful Hints


I have written some notes about the techniques and materials I use. There is a 'Hopefully Helpful Hints' page for each gallery.

Gallery 1: Traditional Turning
How to avoid a bump in the centre of a bowl or platter.

Gallery 2: Water based paints and coloured wax
The sequence you need to use and how to overcome some problems.

Gallery 3: Glass beads
How to attach beads and a bit about design.

Gallery 4: Inlay Work
How to prepare the piece - mixing the inlay - turning and finishing the piece.

Gallery 5: Embroidery
Techniques using embroidery silks - curve stitching and spiral patterns.

Gallery 6: Piercing
Patterns for piercing - techniques - equipment - turning it thin enough!

Gallery 7: Colouring with an Air brush
Masking your work - mixing the colour as you go - preventing colour 'bleeding' - equipment